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Application development with Case Platform
Case Platform is a universal designer for creating business applications without involving programmers. Citizen developers can perform end-to-end digital transformation of your business.
up to 10 days

for prototype development to start your proof of concept process
up to 1 month

for MVP creation to launch your business
up to 3 months

for creating enterprise version of the system

start continious improvement approach with Case Platform
No-code designer
Create new systems without programmers. Your citizen developers can create process automation systems on their own. Each application is an enterprise solution, solving tasks of all the business process participants.
Applications and templates library
Our marketplace contains more than 100 ready to use templates and components for creating new systems. You can assemble a completely new system out of existing elements in 3 weeks.
Tutoring center
Step-by-step tutoring programs for new users. After completing tutorials.detailed configuration manuals and documentation will be available for use along with consulting. You can create your own Case Platform development center in your company.

Increase new products origination speed by 15 times!
We provide support on all the stages of Case Platform based solutions creation
Creating requirement specification
Our technical writers can create functional requirements documentation after a meeting with you.
Systems design
Citizen developers and Case Studio developers are always ready to create a new system for you according to your requiremets and tasks.
Systems integration
Case Studio specialists can configure integrations with any of your internal and external systems for Case Platform based applications.
Systems implementation
Case Studio citizen developers can implement a new system into your IT landscape.
Technical support
After the system is implemented you can count on expert support during the system's rpoduction use.
IT consulting
Case Studio business consultants and technical experts are always ready to consult your company individually.
Case Study
Top-30 Russian bank
Factoring deals processing automation on Case Platform for 10 000 users. Starting a new bank service - factoring.

Time frame:
5 months

Key results:
- Cost savings of 82%
- Start of a new bank service
- Factoring clients number increase by 4 times during the second year of using the system
- A protfolio of $24.4B in two years after the factoring service start
- Becoming a top-10 factoring company in terms of portfolio size
Top-3 Russian airline
Case Platform based aircraft ground support management process automation system.

Time frame:
6 months

Key results:
- Cost savings of 67%
- Application processing speed increase by 4 times
- Increasing airline branches communication quality by 2 times
- Scaling the system on 5 airline branches
- Increasing air traffic control efficiency by 46%
Top-8 car manufacturer in Russia
Retail car loans origination system for dealer network, mobile applicationand private office development.

Time frame:
8 months

Key results:
- Cost savings of 36%
- 2 times faster new system requirements implementation
- System replication on more than 126 delaer centers in 78 cities in Russia
- Reducing realtive expenses by 10%
"Each client who starts working with our solutions on his own becomes a technology evangelist and this proves our concept."

Evgeny Kashmensky
"Everyone has automation solutions but "out of the box" solutions are not suitable anymore. To get a competitive advantage automation must be configured for the client and not the oppostie."
Vladimir Zaleskiy
"We know how to install, configure and launch our products the fastest way, fully adapted and localized in compliance with business specific of the customer."
Evgeny Ivaschenko
Business partner and Director